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What is Lymphedema
and how is it managed?

Lymphedema is a dysfunction of the lymphatic system leading to a build up of protein rich lymph fluid in the interstitial space that causes swelling in the body. There are many factors that contribute to lymphedema, including cancer treatment, surgery, chronic venous insufficiency, obesity, or genetic conditions. Lymphedema is a chronic disease, which means there is no cure and symptoms may worsen over time, if not treated. That’s why it is important to see a lymphedema therapist now, to get started on complete decongestive treatment (compression bandaging and garments, manual lymphatic drainage, exercise, and skin care) learn how to manage your symptoms, so that you can get back to living your life.

Treatments with your LegUp Lymphedema therapist may include:

Lipedema treatment

Assessment of swollen or affected areas

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Compression bandaging

Fitting & training with compression garments (socks, sleeves, wraps

and more

Your LegUp Lymphedema therapist will not only treat your swelling and wounds, but train you in the necessary daily exercises and inflammation reducing practices that you can complete yourself to keep swelling at bay. 

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Mobile Lymphedema care in Vancouver Washington

We currently serve the greater Vancouver, WA metro area, including Ridgefield, Battleground, Brush Prairie, Camas, Washougal.
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